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• Bitcoin mining stocks have underperformed Bitcoin heavily over the last year.
• Greater competition among miners and higher amounts of energy required means margins are thinner.
• Rising electricity costs and lower value of Bitcoin have also hurt miners immensely.

Why Mining Stocks Have Underperformed

Bitcoin mining stocks have underperformed Bitcoin heavily over the last year due to greater competition among miners, higher amounts of energy required, rising electricity costs, and a lower value of Bitcoin. These factors have made it difficult for miners to remain profitable while having to compete with other miners for rewards from block creation.

Competition Among Miners

The difficulty adjustment mechanism is what ensures that new Bitcoin is released at consistent intervals as more miners join the network. This has led to an increase in mining difficulty as well as a need for more energy in order to complete the assignment of validating transactions on the network. The recent surge in difficulty has also pushed up electricity prices around the world, making it harder for miners to keep their profits high enough to remain competitive.

Rising Electricity Costs

The rise in electricity costs has made it increasingly difficult for miners to make a profit from mining activities. According to data from Cambridge Electricity Consumption Index, US-based miners pay some of the highest rates in terms of power consumption which puts them at a disadvantage when competing with other global players who can access cheaper electricity sources.

Lower Value Of Bitcoin

The lower value of Bitcoin has further hindered the profitability prospects for many miners given they receive rewards denominated in BTC rather than fiat currency which cannot be used immediately due to its volatility and lack of liquidity options available on certain exchanges or markets. This makes it hard for miners to cover their expenses without taking risks such as engaging in speculative trading or relying on futures contracts or other derivative markets that may not always offer favourable returns depending on market conditions at any given time.


Overall, investing in bitcoin mining stocks is far riskier than investing directly into bitcoin itself given the numerous variables that come into play when dealing with these types of investments such as competition levels, energy demands and pricing dynamics related specifically to power consumption costs along with fluctuations in BTC prices which can lead to huge losses if managed incorrectly or without proper foresight and understanding about how these markets work and react under different scenarios or market conditions.