DWF Labs Invest $28M in Conflux, Propelling Web3 Growth

• DWF Labs has invested $28 million in Conflux Network to support the Layer-1 blockchain.
• The investment follows Conflux’s partnerships with China Telecom, Hong Kong’s Web3 Institute, Singapore Digital Economy Roundtable, and IEEE P3217.
• DWF Labs has also co-hosted multiple events in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris alongside Conflux.

DWF Labs Doubles Down on Conflux

DWF Labs, a global digital asset market maker and multi-stage Web3 investment firm, has announced that it has further strengthened its commitment to support the growth of Conflux with an additional $18M purchase of CFX tokens – bringing their total investment to $28M.

Conflux Gains Momentum in 2023

Conflux has been gaining traction since February 2023 due to a number of key partnerships including one with China Telecom for the development of a Blockchain SIM (BSIM) card that was first unveiled in May. Furthermore, Conflux joined Hong Kong’s Web3 Institute, participated in the Singapore Digital Economy Roundtable organized by the Singaporean Government and led the drafting of IEEE P3217 – an international blockchain standard by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Lastly, there have been several key collaborations including Supremacy – Web3 security platform; dappOS – operating protocol for managing crypto infrastructures; NuLink – privacy preserving technology providing APIs for decentralized applications; SmoothLabs – developing Layer 2 solution supporting parallel execution; and Opside – a decentralized ZK-RaaS network featuring PoW of ZKP mining.

DWF Lab’s Support for Conflux

DWF Lab’s significant contributions have placed Conflux on the global stage through multiple events held in Hong Kong, Tokyo & Paris as well as continued investments into CFX tokens over several months. Fan Long – Co-Founder at Conflux Network stated: “Conflux Network has experienced exponential growth since start of 2023… DWF Lab is one of the key supporters of Conflux.“

Ecosystem Partnerships

Conflux continues to expand its ecosystem partnerships with Floki Worldcoin Blockbank Luganodes AirDAO Mask & OpenEden with more ongoing discussions taking place.


It is clear that DWF Labs is highly committed to helping drive forward innovation within the blockchain industry through their long term partnership with Conflux Network and we can expect great things from this collaboration going forward!